Since the dawn of time, Sara Willia has been scribbling nonsense everywhere she can: her sketchbook, coloring books, regular books, and on the walls of her childhood home and her mother’s womb (sorry, Mom). Recently, some of those scribblings have begun to make sense. More surprisingly, people like Adobe, Acer, Louisiana Biz, Poor Students RPG, and others have paid her to scribble. Sara thinks she is very cunning in tricking them into appreciating art. In fact, Sara has conned many people into letting her digitally illustrate editorial pieces, children’s literature, YA fiction, and chapter books. To this day, none of her victims are aware of the scandalous subterfuge (or if they are, they’re choosing blissful ignorance). 
Sara’s top-secret evil lair is in the undisclosed location of Edinburgh, Scotland, where she and her equally villainous husband, Sonny, like to raise plant children, play board games, and cackle as much as possible.
See more of Sara's work on Instagram or her personal website. 
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