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United States 
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We are always looking for new talent to join our Team! 
*Please read carefully as our submission guidelines changed as of 15 February 2023*
ILLUSTRATORS, please send a short email introducing yourself, along with five samples of your work and/or a direct link to your personal website to submissions@tugeau2.com
*If you prefer to query a specific Agent, please put that Agent's name in the subject line. This is not required. Eyes will be put on all submissions.  
We do strive to respond to every Artist. If you do not hear back in 30 days, send a second email letting us know it is a follow-up. Artists that rise to the top in this field continue to work despite unanswered queries. Keep going. Keep submitting. Keep creating. 
AUTHOR / ILLUSTRATORS, in your short query letter, please list your publishing credits. If you are not published, that's OK! Include at least one script or writing sample with your artwork. Send to submissions@tugeau2.com. **Author/Illustrators must query a specific Agent. This is essential for our query management
AUTHORS, yes, we do accept picture book (picture book only!) submissions from authors. Include the text for one full-length picture book and tell us briefly about your platform and other completed projects. Send to submissions@tugeau2.com**Authors must query a specific Agent. This is essential for our query management
*Heather and Ethan Long do not accept authors-only.

Artist, Fernando Martin
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