Tugeau 2, Inc. is a diverse group of dedicated, timely, and enthusiastic illustrators and authors from across the United States and several countries abroad. Our focus is on children’s picture book and juvenile educational publishing. But our expertise does not stop there. T2 illustrators have collaborated on advertising campaigns, editorial features, toys, games, gifts, children's apps, and e-books. We're a well-versed group ready to meet your needs.
Nicole Tugeau is the agent/owner behind the T2 Team. She is ecstatic about the ever-growing agency and committed to working happily for the network of illustrators surrounding her. What she enjoys most about being an Agent is the partnership-making, the relationships and of course the success stories.  Nicole's husband, Jeremy, is a long-time children’s illustratorHe continues to work as an artist and public school art teacher while maintaining some involvement with Tugeau 2, Inc. as a creative resource and promotional guru. 
When they aren’t working at making Tugeau 2, Inc. the best agency in the world, Nicole and Jeremy are driving to soccer practice, cooking for their family, and dreaming of their next family vacation.

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