T2 Agents and the Agency work hard for their Team in a way that stands out, and we feel our commitment and the details are absolutely worth sharing. Communication is our top priority. 
The T2 Agency is transparent. We contract for a 25% commission on illustration projects and a 20% commission on author-illustrator projects. This includes rigorous contract negotiation, project support and invoicing.  
The T2 Agency provides enthusiastic support for authors and author-illustrators and approaches writing projects collaboratively and tailored to the working style of the creative. Authors can expect to receive editorial notes on their projects, ongoing conversations and manuscript reviews as they refine the work, and a plan and timeline (as needed) to get the project submission-ready. 
The T2 Agency's marketing program is energetic, nonstop and inclusive. An annual catalog, monthly emails to the industry, special projects, in-person office visits, ZOOM visits, book fairs and expos, SCBWI events, and direct email marketing make up this exciting work at NO additional cost to the Artist. 
The T2 Agency honors an Artist's House Accounts at the point of contract. House Accounts are previous publishing clients that the Artists wishes to service directly. 
Our contract is a one-year exclusive agreement renewing automatically each year. We strive for lively, productive, long-term relationships. Contract termination is followed by a six month cooling off period.
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