Nina Dzyvulska is an author/illustrator originally from Ukraine. She currently lives in Colorado, USA with her family.  Nina studied monumental art at the Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of
Decorative-Applied Arts and Design and graduated from the National Academy of Fine
Arts and Architecture with a degree in book design. 
When Nina was a child, she believed that her drawings could come to life, so she
drew kind and cheerful characters who would be fun to meet. Now, she has
three kids who inspire her creativity.  Thanks to them, she
can draw super fast (and often her characters look like
her kind and cheerful kids)!

She primarily works digitally, but occasionally loves to experiment with acrylic markers and spray
paints. Her extensive client list includes Gucci, Warby Parker, Netflix, Happy Yak, Anorak,
Highlights and Kazoo.
See more of Nina's fabulous work on Instagram or her personal website. 
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