Larisa Bumb, also known online as Lara Pickle, is a Spanish-Romanian storyteller and illustrator. She has been working for about ten years as a background, concept, and visual development artist in animation and games, with titles including Netflix's Deadend: Paranormal Park, Disney's "Micky Illusion Island" platform game, Nickelodeon's "Best and Bester", among many others. You can also find that she has been very active as a teacher, having been invited to a few different courses to do short classes, as well as her pre-recorded Domestika course. 
Lara has been very active and vocal about her passion for storytelling, and in general, she loves combining art, with literature, while touching on topics that are very important to her, like mental health, women empowerment, healthy relationships, etc. Whenever she can, she loves adding those elements to her own stories.
She lives in London, UK, along with her cat Sabrina. Whenever she's not working, you can find Lara listening to music or audiobooks, watching K-dramas, traveling, going in search of nature and green spaces (or the seaside), hanging out with friends, or playing video games. She's a big fan of Autumn (with its proper cinnamon chai latte) and Spring and will defend the truth about how an ACTUAL Paella should properly be made, at all costs. Check out more of Lara's work on Instagram and her website.
Lara is represented by Lillian Mazeika (

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