Hazel Quintanilla is an author and illustrator who has been drawing since she was little.  She even used to carry a pencil and a small notebook in a cute furry bear face purse that her mom bought for her.  She also carried cheese cubes in it (ewww!). 
Hazel decided to follow her passion and studied graphic design, followed by an MA where she specialized in illustration. She enjoys putting the bold colors and cute shapes living in her mind on paper.  Hazel has produced work for numerous brands, magazines, and books, illustrating over hundred children's books published in the US and worldwide. Recent clients include: Scholastic, Little Tiger Press, Highlights and Auzou.  
Hazel loves animals, pj’s, and her iPad, where she produces most of her art.  She’s the proud mom of 9 dogs and really loves her job.
See more great work on her Instagram @quintanilla.hazel
Represented by Nicole Tugeau

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