Fanny grew up in the suburbs of Montreal, QC and spent most of her time exploring the forest and riverside that formed her family’s backyard. Building cabins in the woods, chasing insects, collecting wildflowers and observing the Canadian fauna formed the tapestry of Fanny’s earliest childhood memories. Reading, drawing and quiet observation were her escapes as a child. These days, Fanny enjoys well-crafted books, spending time in nature, petting any dog that will let her, and sharing delicious food and warm tea with friends.
Fanny has worked as a concept artist, a miniature set builder, and a matte painter in the film and animation industry on such productions as Arrival, X-Men Apocalypse, and Beauty and the Beast. She has also built up a nice freelance client list which includes Penguin Random House, Bayard Canada, L'Atelier animation, SHED, and Scholastic.
Fanny currently lives happily with her husband, daughter and their rescue dog, Kyra, on the North Shore of Montreal, Canada, where she works from her lovely home studio.
See more of Fanny's work on Instagram and her website
Fanny is represented by Ethan and Heather Long (
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