Enrico Lorenzi is an Italian illustrator born and raised in a small seaside town in Liguria (Italy) and currently residing in Florence, surrounded by beauty.
Since he was a child, drawing has been his greatest passion and companion - Enrico spent most of his time lost in his sketchbook.
As an illustrator he has collaborated with major Italian publishing houses (Rizzoli, Battello a vapore, Sassi editore, ELi editions, Raffaello editore, Lapis, Beisler). His works range in different genres, from non-fiction books to illustrated books.
Enrico loves getting lost in an endless search, finding and trying new techniques and mixing traditional, engraving and digital styles.
You can find more of Enrico's works on his personal website and on Instagram!
Enrico is represented by Ethan Long and Heather Long (ethan@tugeau2.com, heather@tugeau2.com).
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