Bhagya Madanasinghe is an illustrator and architect from Sri Lanka, a colorful little island in South Asia. She graduated from University of Moratuwa. Wanting more exposure and freedom while practicing as a professional Architect, Bhagya leaned into the illustration field. Her passion for illustration runs back to 2016. She was fascinated by various styles of illustrations and was eventually driven to the beautiful world of children's books. Her style combines symbolism with fantastical colors. She is dedicated to creating characters with emotions and actions emphasizing the mood of her illustrations. She loves exploring new places to inspire her work. Besides being an illustrator, Bhagya still loves developing architectural design concepts with her husband in his studio and finds time to cuddle and play with their dog, “Luna”.
See more great work on her website or on Instagram @moving_doodles
Represented by Nicole Tugeau
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