Allysa (pronounced -A-LEES-A) has always loved making things. Her childhood was
spent drawing, sculpting, and wandering the woods to collect bones and feathers and
interesting rocks. After completing degrees in molecular biology and genetics, she
became a dentist (she still is!), but found she needed more of an outlet for her creativity
and has since pursued illustration as a second career. She is most drawn to projects
that blend day-to-day reality with elements of surrealism and outright fantasy, and if left
to her own devices, would doodle endless fantastical monsters.
While not working, Allysa can be found exploring Pennsylvania with her husband, young
daughter, and their poorly trained dog. They live in an old house, filled with bones and
feathers and interesting rocks.
See more of Allysa's fabulous work on Instagram or her personal website. 
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