Kelly is from the west coast of British Columbia and currently resides in beautiful Northern British Columbia with her husband and their Anatolian Shepherd, Clovis. Kelly’s images are full of magic—using cut-paper, light, shadow and dynamic characters both large and small to make her images come to life. Inspired by her natural surroundings, Kelly’s frequent outdoor adventures help to encourage her imagination and the creation of her paper-cut worlds.
Kelly’s illustrations have graced many picture books: Little Things by Nick Dyer, If You Were Night by Muon Thi Van and Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress, by Aimee Bissonette. Previous clients include Kids Can Press, Cameron Kids, Peter Pauper Press, and Simon and Schuster.
We look forward to continuing with Kelly down the path of children’s publishing as an illustrator of picture books. She will also be authoring her own original content for submissions.
Visit with Kelly on Instagram.
Kelly is represented by Heather Long and Ethan Long (heather@tugeau2.com, ethan@tugeau2.com).

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